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Music for Are We There Yet, Baby?

Some of the music created for Are We There Yet, Baby?, a dance production by Pei-Ling-Kao at the University of Hawai'i Manoa

Score for Girl Watching

Two tracks included in the film score of Girl Watching by Charlotte Pinney

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Simultaneously nostalgic and futuristic, "Dysphexia" and "Nymphoma" explore dysphoria and escapism through techno. Otherworldly beings are envisioned, dancing through the pains of their otherworldly medical conditions. 


Various typographically incorrect forms of "euphoria" make up the track list, referencing dysphoria and misery. Pulsations removes itself from the source of its sonic material by wiping itself clear of all organic rhythmic distinctions. The resulting sound is then processed with a pulsating rhythmic filter.

The Dress

Originally conceived by Hyazinth Baumann (pictured above) and collaboratively constructed, The Dress combines the disciplines of fashion, music, and dance. Creation involved garment

 construction, creation of contact microphones, wiring, and soldering.


The interactive composition, programmed in MAX/MSP, allows for the real-time adjustment of synthesizer volumes, reverb, delay, tempo, and various timbral elements. Due to fixed rhythm and melody, performers must work within narrow confines to create musical interest.

Artwork by Luca McCarthy

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